Game Of Thrones’ The Waif Looks VERY Different In Real Life


Villainess and sadistic trainee of The House of Black and White, The Waif isn’t known for being one of the more attractive female characters in Game of Thrones.

She’s definitely made her presence known in GoT’s seventh season, with her battles with Arya being dubbed the ‘Braavosi Fight Club’.

And she’s taken a big chunk of the spotlight in season seven, so naturally, Faye Marsay accompanied her fellow GoT cast members to Comic-Con – and fans of the show were pretty surprised when they saw her.

This is what she looks like in real life:

Yup, that’s the Waif, who we all love and know in Game of Thrones to look like this:


If you ran into her, you’d probably be forgiven if you had absolutely no idea who she was. What a difference.

She certainly isn’t faceless, and quite a lot of people noticed.

Obviously, Twitter can’t handle it:

So there you have it. The Waif is pretty good looking in real life. Who knew?