Game Of Thrones Upload Mystery Clip ‘Confirming’ Scary Fan Theory


Warning: Possible Spoilers Ahead


Game of Thrones has always enjoyed keeping fans on their toes, and their latest video post has certainly become a talking point.

Yesterday the show posted a clip from the HBO show’s first season, and viewers think it could be confirmation that Bran Stark is set for a major storyline.

Here is the cryptic clip in question:

Taking to Reddit, a lot of people are convinced the clip signposts that – Possible Spoiler – Bran is actually the Night’s King.


Speculation is rife…


‘Obscure Fish’ reckons the devil is in the detail and a bit of wordplay. They posted:

He always wanted to be a kNIGHT in the KINGSguard.

But on a serious note I am 100% convinced he is the Night King.

‘Rubix 89’ has done a little more than follow a breadcrumb trail, and has explained how Bran’s transition would be possible…


They say the theory ‘hinges’ on two admittedly ‘flimsy’ points. 1) When Bran is told ‘he will fly’ it is in reference to his ability to travel through time, as opposed to on a dragon.

And 2) Bran attempts to use his ability to hop along the timeline to prevent the children of the forest creating the Night’s King, forgetting they are at war with the first men, and inadvertently becoming the blue eyed threat to the realms of men in the process.


‘Jpmjpm’ must have friends in high places as apparently they are privy to leaks.

Their post read:

Well I heard through some “leaked” and unconfirmed spoilers that the Night king kills one of the dragons, the dragon comes back as an ice dragon, and the Night King rides said dragon. So if Bran is the Night King, he wouldn’t even have to warg into a dragon.


Conversation switched to address Bran and Daenerys’ winged weapons of mass destruction.

‘CargoCulture’ asked:

Does nobody remember the saddle from S1 that was made so Bran could ride? Seemed like a pretty solid foreshadowing that he’s going to ride one of the dragons.
Chekov’s saddle, if you will.

But not everyone is buying that theory.


‘Redditor5standingby’ was hilariously dismissive:

We see him using the saddle when they are attacked by the wildlings with Rob and Theon. They bring back Osha who serves a pretty big role. I’d say that was enough for the saddle storyline.


‘Rubix89’ added:

The video mentions that and says that’s too obvious of an answer.

I’m gonna go Occam’s razor here and just say it’ll be dragons.

Although, it should be remembered that TV producers will generally enjoy deliberately misleading viewers.


But, then again, what if that’s exactly what they want us to think! This is fast becoming a real head-fuck.

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Night is gathering and on the 17th of July Game Of Thrones returns so that our watch can resume and we will finally get some of the answers we seek.