Gamer Beats Fallout 4 Without Taking A Single Hit

by : Ewan Moore on : 08 Jul 2016 14:29

Mere days after one intrepid gamer completed Dark Souls 3 without taking a hit, another has come forward and done the same with Fallout 4. 


Streamer T Ronix decided to set himself the challenge of beating Bethesda’s post apocalyptic adventure without being hit once – rules also included a ban on chems, power armour, or companions.


These are the rules as T Ronix described them:

Any damage = a restart to the BEGINNING of Vault 111 (Rads are an exception). No chems (antibiotics are an exception). No companions (if required to progress quest, dismiss immediately before using to advantage. No Power Armor.


If our streamer got hit or somehow broke the rules he set for himself, he’d have to go back to the very start of the game and try again.

As you might imagine, it took him a while – 25 hours, to be precise.

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While this feat might sound nigh on impossible, T Ronix actually managed to beat the game earlier in the year without healing, so clearly each insane run is nothing more than a warm up to something even cooler next time round.

You can see the first part of his successful run just below, while a playlist detailing the rest of his adventure can be found right here.

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