Gamer Builds His Own Awesome SNES Mini

by : Ewan Moore on : 12 Sep 2016 09:42


If you hadn’t heard, Nintendo is releasing a quaint NES Mini just in time for Christmas – a tiny version of Nintendo’s OG console with a library of built in games. 


Obviously this has everyone thinking: What about an N64 Mini? Or a SNES Mini? Or a Gameboy Mini? Well, the last one would be idiotic, but one gamer has already made the SNES Mini a reality.


lyberty5 (AKA Hugo Dorison) put together his very own Super Nintendo using nothing more than his own two hands (and a variety of tools).

As with the official NES Mini, it comes with a USB hub, and obviously doesn’t load games from the original carts – the whole console is about the same size as a SNES cartridge.


Obviously such a beast won’t go on sale until Nintendo decides it should happen, but if the NES Mini does well enough, surely the SNES Mini is the logical next step?

Check out the crafting process, as well as a little bit of the finished product, in the video below.

All in all, this is a testament to the creativity of passionate gamers – it seems more than any other medium, when gamers want a product that doesn’t exist, they usually go out and do it themselves.

Ewan Moore

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