Gamer Gains Thousands Of Followers Overnight By ‘Forgetting’ To Turn Off Live Stream

by : UNILAD on : 25 Sep 2017 10:30
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A Canadian gamer gained thousands of followers overnight after she supposedly forgot to turn off her live stream.

Nova Patra is a popular online gamer thanks to her sick skills on games such as Hearthstone, but now she has a rather X-rated YouTube channel as well.

In one video in particular, Nova finishes her gaming video and says she’s going to ‘log off’ – only she doesn’t turn the camera off and finds herself enjoying some – erm, alone time – in front of her viewers.


Her viewers reportedly sky-rocketed after word spread, and she now has around 35k subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Some people thought the whole thing was set up, which isn’t actually so hard to believe, others just wanted to believe it was real.

Discussions about the video moved over to Reddit.

undefined@younes tel / YouTube

Alien-type-s**t said: ‘It’s fake, there’s whole scene of cam girls that act like streamers and act like they forgot to turn their cam off.’

Planetx09 said: ‘I never said it wasn’t staged, but she is DEFINITELY going at herself and that’s all I care about.’

Octobeard didn’t care, they wanted to see more of the same, adding:


Even if it was staged or fake, it’s still pretty damn hot. I’d like to see more content like this.

Real or not, you can’t argue with those numbers…

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