Skyrim Gamer Is Haunted In Chilling Live Stream Footage



A lot of gamers transcend our world for other dangerous, more thrilling realms where they can fight dragons, kickbox with pro fighters and crash fast cars from the safety of their living rooms.


But not this guy. The young American gamer, going by Rubzy got a real life fright when he was pet-sitting at his friend’s house.

The two of them were not alone. The chilling haunting was captured on camera, as he live streamed the new Skyrim gameplay.


While his friend’s cat Elvis cowered in the corner, Rubzy put a brave face on things. Meanwhile his fellow gamers were sufficiently creeped out to vocalise their worries.

One girl said:

Rubzy can you fucking get out of that house right now, please?

While another uttered words he’d later regret:

I don’t give a shit about Dishonoured 2 right now.

The YouTuber, who uses the Twitter handle @NickDoesMagic since posted an apology to his followers announcing a break from the live streams, saying ‘I’ve been fucked by a ghost or some shit’.


Nick spoke to UNILAD, explaining the evening’s events, saying:

The tweet mentioning me taking a break from streaming for the night was in regards to a personal matter mainly, and was not directly related to what happened with the haunting.

The break from virtual worlds lasted a few hours until Nick posted the following message:

Nick later announced a new live stream, adding, ‘This haunting (to the best of my knowledge) was real. I had nothing to do with the events that took place… My Halloween tweet was me highlighting what was, to me, the scariest part of what had happened.’


Life’s a game, don’t hate the player.

Updated:  02/11/2016