Gareth Bale Is Under Armed Guard After Bizarre Cocaine Heist

by : UNILAD on : 24 Sep 2016 16:42
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Gareth Bale is currently being protected by armed police after a bizarre but terrifying event left his family in Wales scared for their lives.


A notorious drugs gang torched their house and cars after a case containing cocaine, cash, and £1 million pounds worth of jewellery mysteriously vanished along with the cousin of Bale’s wife, reports The Sun.

The cousin, Epiphany Dring, who works as a softcore pornstar and glamour model, has not been seen for weeks however police believe she may be in Malaysia.

Bale’s grandparents believe the drugs gang wants money from them and they are worried that the gang will go after Bale and his wife, Emma Rhys-Jones, leading Spanish police to guard Bale wherever he goes.


As Real Madrid prepared to play against Las Palmas yesterday, Bale’s room at the hotel was protected by three heavily armed police officers.

A source told The Sun:

When the players arrived there was a lot of police as fans were desperate to meet them.

But when we went to our rooms we were stunned when we got to the third floor.

There were three armed police posted outside the rooms, obviously there to make sure there were no unwanted visitors.

Epiphany was living with her grandparents not too long ago, and it was at their house that the case was being kept before it went missing.

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An anonymous member of the family said: 

It’s a drugs gang that’s missing money so they are not going to stop.

People are wondering if they will target Gareth and Emma because they have money. No one knows where it will end.

Currently there are six members of Bale’s extended family living in police safe houses.

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    'NO ONE KNOWS WHERE IT WILL END' Gareth Bale guarded by armed cops as case containing cash, cocaine and watches worth £1m vanishes along with fiancee’s glamour model cousin