Gatwick Airport’s North Terminal Evacuated After Suspicious Item Was Found

Connor Gillies/Twitter

Hundreds of holiday-makers were asked to leave Gatwick Airport’s North Terminal after a suspicious item was found just before 10am this morning.

It was evacuated “for the protection of the public”, with witnesses saying armed police were arresting a man believed to have a gun in his bag.

Tim Unwin/Twitter

A spokesperson for Sussex Police told The Independent that they could not confirm these alleged reports of a security alert, but she said: “The terminal is being evacuated at the moment. It is for the protection of the public.” Also, that the evacuation was a precaution by the discovery of a “suspicious article”.

One of those passengers, Tim Unwin, wrote on Twitter that the incident happened just before 10am and the terminal’s first floor was closed and check-in was removed. A full evacuation began 10 minutes later.

Tim Unwin/Twitter

This comes amid heightened security across Europe after a series of terrorist attacks across Paris last night, killing at least 128 people.