GCSE Maths Students Are All Making The Same Joke About Question On Exam


Ah GCSE banter – so pure, predictable, and ever-hilarious.

When your parents are on your case and the peak of your social life is a park meet up in-between revision, where else can you turn to for top quality jokes except your maths exam paper?

GCSE students rolled out of their Edexcel maths exam with a smile on their face, not because they’d smashed the algebra section, but because of the likes they were about to get for their tweet.

Little did they know that every 15-year-old in the country was about to make the the joke about a made up character called ‘Daniel’ who ‘baked 420 cakes’.

Now for those who are unaware of what 420 is, it is a code term for the consumption of cannabis around the time of 4.20, morning or night, or the celebration of weed on April 20 every year.

I wonder if the person who wrote the paper slipped that in there on purpose.

This one is pretty damn witty…

Of course the countless photos of cannabis cakes ensued.

I wonder what Edexcel would think about them accidentally making every student in the country think about smoking a joint.

What a way to make a maths exam bearable.