Generous Little Girl Spends Pocket Money On Christmas Presents For Sick Kids

by : Tom Percival on : 16 Dec 2015 17:37

A generous eight-year-old girl saved up a whole year’s worth of pocket money so she could treat sick kids to Christmas presents.

Maisie Hymers saved up £400 worth of pocket money this year and used it to get 50 Christmas presents, including teddy bears, board games and colouring books for the children at Queen Alexandra Hospital.


Masie says she got the idea last year after she had to spend some time in hospital. She told the Daily Mail: “I broke my arm last year and I was in hospital for a bit… then I thought the children who are in hospital won’t get presents and I decided to save my pocket money to buy them things. I have got board games, teddy bears and toys.”

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The charitable little girl’s very pleased with how much she saved and hopes to do something again next year but she’s not sure what.

Her parents, Lucy Conway, 36, and Jason Hymers, 38, were both extremely proud and helped her hand out the gifts at the weekend along with other family members.


Mum, lucy, said in an interview with the Daily Mail: “We are extremely proud of her for being so thoughtful… she saved up most of her pocket money and family members put in a few pennies here and there to help too.”

The dad of a two-year-old leukemia sufferer George, said: “It was so overwhelming to see a lovely girl do such a lovely thing. George spends a lot of time in hospital, he’s always smiling anyway but this made him smile more.”

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The hospital’s play specialist Tracy Morgan added: “What Maisie has done is so inspirational… it’s amazing. This donation will make a massive difference to all the children on the ward over Christmas and we would like to say thank you.’


In all honesty Masie has shown us all the true meaning of Christmas.

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    8-year-old saved her pocket money for a whole year so she could buy Christmas presents for sick children