George Michael Was The First Ever Star Of Carpool Karaoke

by : UNILAD on : 21 Dec 2016 13:16

2016 has claimed another legend, with George Michael passing away peacefully in his home on Christmas Day at the tender age of 53.


As we remember the huge mark he left on musical history, he also inspired James Corden’s popular Carpool Karaoke.

Back in 2011, George starred in a sketch with James Corden for Comic Relief where the two sing I’m Your Man in the car while Smithy drives them to the BBC television centre.


In the sketch, Smithy says he is ‘spending the day with a mate, he’s been away for a while’, before the camera pans to reveal the Careless Whisper singer.


Michael shows off not only his silky smooth voice, but great sense of humour and style.

In good spirits. George jokes about his sexuality, saying that Smithy didn’t want him to come to Comic Relief because ‘you don’t want to be seen with a gay man’.


The Wham! frontman was an icon for the LGBTQ community when he came out as gay after having been a victim of the music industry’s heterosexual hegemony in the 1980s.

George teases Smithy, saying:

I’ve seen you, the way you look at that mate of yours.

What do you call him, ‘Gavlar’? Such a pair of closet bummers.

As we mourn another legend, George will be remembered for his musical talent as well as his great humour.


Our thoughts are with the superstar’s family and friends at this difficult time.

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    George Michael was the first ever guest on James Corden's Carpool Karaoke