George Osborne Is Hiding The Fact He’s F*cking Us Over To The Tune Of £22 Billion

by : UNILAD on : 19 Mar 2016 12:02

It turns out that our beloved Chancellor, Mr Gideon Osborne actually used this week’s budget announcement to hide a multi-billion pound fuck-over for every taxpayer in the UK.


That’s right guys, while everyone else was desperately trying to analyse old Georgie’s budget, Sky News quietly posted an analysis using figures from the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR).

Their findings show that the UK taxpayer is set to lose nearly £22 billion from Osborne’s planned sale of our shares in the RBS bank, reports The Canary.

Yes – £22 billion. It’s important to put this into context – because this is money literally being passed from the hands of the UK population to private business.


So, this is what that £22 billion could be paying for:

– 103,000 nurses for 10 years (an annual starting wage of £21,388)

– 5,946 primary schools (an average cost of £3,700,000 each)

– 147,000 affordable homes (an average cost of £150,000 each)

– 40 state-of-the-art hospitals (based on the £545,000,000 cost of the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham)

Surely this has got to leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth?

Hundreds of thousands of British people are enduring an unprecedented housing crisis, the NHS is buckling under the cruel measures of austerity, and Osborne is happily handing over our – yes our – hard earned tax money to already wealthy shareholders.


In an interview this week, Osborne was asked on BBC Radio 4:

What’s a bloke got to do in your job to get the sack?

Any normal person who oversees a multi-billion pound loss would be out of their job quicker than a Premier League manager.

Back in 2008 – when the global economy tanked so hard it was choking on its own vomit – we were forced to shock RBS back to life with a whopping £45.5 billion – and we are now getting less than half of it back.

Rather than making such an eye-watering loss we should surely just keep the bank nationalised and make some profit from the shares – RBS had a net profit of £0.734 billion in 2014.

It’s hardly headline news that politicians lie through their teeth, but this is what Osborne promised last year:

When you take the banks in total, we’re making sure taxpayers get back billions more than they were forced to put in.

Maths isn’t my strong point but I’m pretty sure £22 billion is way less than we put in George?

However, it seems like we may have finally had enough of his reckless incompetence.

A recent poll conducted by BMG showed that 59 per cent of the British public now have little or no faith in Osborne’s ability to manage our economy.


The most cowardly and insulting thing about this whole situation isn’t even that the man seems happy to lose billions that could be used to fund public institutions – it’s that he’s just casually trying to sweep it under the rug.

Maybe he really should take Jeremy Corbyn’s advice:

The Chancellor has failed the British people. He should follow the honourable course taken by Iain Duncan Smith and resign.

He’s screwing us over and trying to do it in secret. So let’s at least try and call him out on it.

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