Germany Celebrate Their Very First Gay Marriage


The first gay marriage has taken place in Germany, on the same day that gay marriage was legalised there.

Registry offices across the country were breaking tradition and opening on a Sunday to allow gay couples to celebrate the law and tie the knot.

The new law will give gay couples the same tax advantages and adoption rights as heterosexual couples.


Since 2001, Germany allowed same-sex couples to enter into registered partnership but this did not give couple the same status as marriage in German law.


Chancellor Angela Merkel did a U-turn on allowing the issue of gay marriage to be voted on in parliament and the vote to introduce marriage equality passed in June.

Karl Kreille and Bodo Mende, a couple of 38 years, celebrated their nuptials on Sunday, with Kreille saying it was an ‘incredible honour’.

Congratulations to Karl and Bodo and all the other gay couples now allowed to marry in Germany!