Germany Sends ‘Flying Hospital’ Plane To Italy To Help Coronavirus Patients

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 01 Apr 2020 13:12

Germany has sent its ‘flying hospital’ plane to Italy to help it deal with the coronavirus pandemic. 

Italy has been one of the hardest hit countries by the virus with more than 12,000 people sadly dying from the disease.


Following the intensity of the situation in Italy, Germany decided to send over its aircraft as a ‘sign of solidarity’.

Germany air force@Team_Luftwaffe/Twitter

The impressive Airbus A310 MRT MedEvac boasts 44 hospital beds along with 16 intensive care units. There’s also space for 25 crew members including medical staff.

Apparently there are patient monitors, bronchoscopes, ultrasound systems, patient warming systems and defibrillators on board as well.


German Defence Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said on social media:

Any help across borders is now important.

That is why we are helping with our flying intensive care unit of the Air Force to transport seriously ill people from Italy to Germany for treatment. Europe sticks together.

Plane @Team_Luftwaffe/Twitter

The aircraft successfully brought over six Italian intensive care patients on Tuesday, March 28, from Bergamo to Cologne. The German Air Force confirmed they had more planned routes over the coming days as well.


The Air Force tweeted:

Done. The 6 intensive care patients from Bergamo landed in Cologne with our #A310. They are then transported to clinics in Cologne, Bonn and Bochum. Along with @SanDstBw more flights are planned in the next few days.

Italy isn’t the first country Germany has helped – it also sent some helicopters to France to bring some of its sick residents over to Germany to receive medical care there.

German air force@Team_Luftwaffe/Twitter

France’s Minsiter for Armed Forces Florence Purly tweeted on Tuesday, March 28, that some German helicopters were taking some French patients over to Germany to hospitals which could accommodate them.

Her tweets read:

Operation Resilience – Army Cayman helicopters will support several patients with Covid-19. From Metz, they will transport them to Germany, to hospitals capable of accommodating them.

I spoke to my German counterpart yesterday @akk in order to define and specify the modalities of this operation. I deeply thank our German friends for their support and solidarity. We all share a single goal: defeat the Covid-19.

It’s great to see countries working together in times of need.


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