Germany To Deploy Tornado Jets To Help Fight ISIS In Syria


Germany has revealed it will deploy Tornado Jets to Syria to aid the fight against ISIS, promising to be a “more active contributor”.

In the wake of the Paris attacks on November 13, French President Francois Hollande invoked a clause that called upon EU member states to aid France’s military retaliation against the terrorist group.

German MP Henning Otte confirmed the plans saying:

Germany will be a more active contributor than it has been until now”


We will step up our commitment in the fight against IS terror, among other things with RECCE reconnaissance Tornados,”

Angela Merkel had promised action would be forthcoming during a visit to Paris earlier this week, where she said it was the nation’s “duty to reflect” and to “act quickly”.

She added that ISIS “can’t be convinced with words, it must be fought with military means”.

The Jets will largely be used for reconnaissance purposes, but the BBC has also reported that it is not the only measure Germany will take.

Sources from the German parliament suggested a warship will be deployed to support the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, an army satellite will be placed over Syria, and an Airbus refuelling plane will be sent to help the bombing campaign.