Get Out Director ‘Seriously Considering’ Making Sequel

by : Julia Banim on : 05 Feb 2018 22:04

*Warning: This article contains potential spoilers for those who have not yet seen the movie Get Out*

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Get Out was a notable horror in what was a bloody good year all round for high-quality cinematic scares.

Unlike many lesser efforts from the horror comedy genre, Get Out dared to offer more than bland jump scares and road-weary tropes; drawing focus to important social issues such as racial inequality.

Critics and audience members alike expressed admiration for 38-year-old director Jordan Peele’s deft storytelling and wit; hailing the frightfest as a modern classic.

A commercial mega hit, Get Out raked in $255 million worldwide, despite having only had a budget of $4.5 million.

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And now it seems we could well be getting another deeply discomforting stay with the creepy Armitage family…

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Peele spoke about the potential for a sequel, revealing there is plenty more to the story:

I love that universe and feel like there is more story to tell. I don’t know what it is now, but there are some loose ends… you know the movie.

He added:

I would never want to do a sequel that just feels like for the sake of a sequel.

Check out Jordan Peele dropping some major hints in the following clip:


Peele has previously spoken about Get Out as being a very personal project, revealing to Variety how he had been emotionally affected by some of the darker themes:

I came about this project in a very mischievous away,

It was about being provocative and doing what you’re not supposed to do and scaring the sh*t out of people, but as I got farther into it, the reality of what it was really about hit me in several stages:

what happens to the victims of racial violence and the victims of a self-imposed psychological chamber.

It took Peele eight years to write the script, and so it is unlikely he will dash off a sequel just to keep fans happy; no matter how successful the first instalment was. The question is, what sort of direction would a potential new movie take?

Remind yourself why this terrifying take on Meet The Parents deserves every accolade and more below:

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Fans of the original hit are divided about taking on the risk of a sequel which, let’s face it, has a pair of stomping great boots to fill.

One person remarked, ‘normally, I would say a sequel is a bad idea but I have faith in JORDAN PEELE’S ability to come through one more time.’

However, another anguished person pleaded:

No please don’t. Leave this one alone. It will never have the success or accolades as the original!!!!!!! You trying to be @tylerperry or something?????


Sequels can be notoriously hazardous territory, but I for one trust Peele’s instincts.

If he can deliver a story which builds on the world the original created while still bringing something fresh and unique of its own, then I for one will be all for it.

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