Ghislaine Maxwell’s Brother Accuses Prison Guards Of ‘Physically Abusing’ Her

by : Harrison Williams on : 29 Oct 2021 20:13

Ghislaine Maxwell’s brother has come forward sharing concerns for his sister who is currently in prison awaiting trial for sex trafficking. 

In a new interview with Sky News, Ghislaine Maxwell‘s brother Ian Maxwell made a series of accusations against the New York prison guards as well as the American justice system.


According to Mr Maxwell, his sister has been allegedly ‘physically abused’ by the prison guards. He also believes she will not be given a fair trial.

Harrison Williams

Ms Maxwell is currently in jail in New York, awaiting trial for allegedly being a co-conspirator in the sexual trafficking of young women and underage girls. The alleged crimes are believed to have been carried out with Jeffrey Epstein, the serial sex offender and paedophile who died in his prison cell while awaiting trial in 2019.

Earlier this year in April, Ms Maxwell was seen with a black eye after her lawyers released photos of her in prison. Now her brother has accused the New York prison guards of abuse.


‘I don’t see Ghislaine administering a black eye to herself,’ Mr Maxwell said. ‘I think she has suffered some occasional physical abuse at the hands of her guards. Yes.’

When asked what actions he and Ms Maxwell would take against the prison guards, Mr Maxwell suggested they may use human rights legislation to hold those accountable. ‘We are going to take it to the UN,’ he said. ‘Take it from me. America has to be held to account, and it will be.’


In response to the allegations, a spokesperson for the US Federal Bureau of Prisons issued a statement:


We are committed to ensuring the safety and security of all inmates in our population, our staff, and the public. The BOP takes allegations of staff misconduct seriously and consistent with national policy, refers all allegations for investigation, if warranted.

Mr Maxwell also addressed the death of Epstein and shared his opinion on who is to blame:

There has just simply been a transference of presumed guilt on the part of Jeffrey Epstein without any corroborating evidence. Just simply because she had a relationship. He then dies, and they’ve got to find someone to pay the price.


Mr Maxwell raised concerns over whether Ms Maxwell would be given a fair trial, describing how he believes the American justice system is allegedly failing her:

In the court of public opinion…. it seems to me that Ghislaine has already been convicted and the punishment that she is having meted out to her in prison as a pre-trial detainee is precisely what it is. Punishment prior to conviction.

You are innocent unless and until you are proven guilty.

But the mountain of allegations made against it and broadcasted and loud hailered around the world is so great, that I have to really ask myself, are we going to get a fair trial?


Ghislaine Maxwell’s Brother Says ‘It’s Wrong’ While Breaking Down In Tears Defending Sister

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According to Mr Maxwell, he has not spoken to his sister since she was arrested.

Earlier this summer, Ghislaine Maxwell came forward stating that she would supply evidence in support of Prince Andrew with regards to his ongoing sex abuse lawsuit. As she is currently awaiting trial, she would have to be cleared before she can give evidence in that civil lawsuit.

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