‘Ghost’ Caught On Camera Sitting In Front Of Computer At School

Facebook/Stockton Riverside College

Spooky footage of a ‘ghost’ sitting in a chair in an empty classroom has emerged and it’s pretty unnerving…

The weird video filmed at Stockton Riverside College, North Yorkshire captured the eerie moment, and whether you believe in ghosts or not, you have to admit, it’s definitely creepy…

The strange clip at the school in Thornaby-on-Tees appears to show a studious looking ghost sitting in front of a computer screen, seemingly surfing the net.

Facebook/Stockton Riverside College

What makes the footage all the more disturbing is the fact that the college claims the room was completely empty when this ghoulish activity was captured…

Pretty odd right?

However, the college have come up with a theory to explain this alarming occurrence, although even they seem to think it’s unlikely…

Games design lecturer, Paul Abley explained to the Gazette Live:

We’ve had some people come down and look at it, and they’ve been shocked. But simply, it’s a reflection in the window from another classroom.

It’s improbable, but if a student is in the other classroom then the light must bounce off about four windows and the door of a server cabinet. All the angles are just right, and makes this semi-transparent reflection show up in the perfect place.

It looks like a ghost and a fair few people have thought it was one, as you don’t immediately know where it could have come from. Quite a few people get freaked out by it. We’ve been having a bit of fun with it.

It’s not as if it’s a direct reflection, the other classroom is separated from this one by a brick wall. If you’re stood looking at the reflection, you wouldn’t be able to see the student that’s being reflected.

Way to kill the joy Paul…

So apparently, it’s not a ghost at all, just a reflection which, according to the lecturer, has been happening since the college was built, but only just caught on camera.

Despite this slightly boring explanation, the students seem to be freaked out by the unwanted ‘guests’ in their computer room.

One said:

I’d be gone if I saw that and never go back.

I hear you, and if there was the slightest chance the place could be haunted I’d be well out of there.

Any reason to avoid school basically…