‘Ghost’ Opens Woman’s Door And Tugs On Sheets In Spooky Video

by : UNILAD on : 04 Oct 2016 08:09


Even if you’re not afraid of the dark, when you’re alone in bed at night, sometimes the slightest noise can set you off.


Was it the neighbours? Was it something outside? Was it something inside?

A surefire way to suppress those irrational thoughts is usually to pull the covers over your head, lie as still as possible and pray for morning.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that would have worked for this woman.


New footage has surfaced of what people are claiming to be a ghost – and it’s freaky.

The video shows a woman asleep in her bed, while the invisible ‘ghost’ seemingly opens the door to her bedroom and tugs on her bedsheets.

Sure, it’s already spooky. But it gets worse. After sitting bolt upright, she turns on the lights only for them to be flicked off without her touching them. And it happens again after she leaves the room to get her phone.


According to The Mirror, the woman has said she has felt an unusual atmosphere in her home for over a year. So this video might explain some things – or, of course, like any other ghost video, it could be a fake.

If not, I imagine she probably moved the next morning.

Either way, I think I’ll sleep with a nightlight from now on.

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The Mirror
  1. The Mirror

    Terrified woman woken by 'ghost' in the middle of the night who tugs at her bedsheets and switches light on and off