Giant Phallic Monument In Germany Mysteriously Disappears

by : Emily Brown on : 01 Dec 2020 13:01
Giant Phallic Monument In Germany Mysteriously Disappearsszmuenchen/ralflienert/Instagram

A giant, phallic-shaped monument erected on a mountainside in Bavaria has disappeared after it first popped up without explanation several years ago. 

The two-metre-tall wooden carving became a popular landmark for hikers when it appeared on the 1,738m-high (5,702ft) Grünten mountain, with many speculating about how it came to be there.


No one has ever claimed ownership of the giant penis, and at 200kg it’s a mystery how it was hauled up the mountain in the first place.

Penis-shaped statue in Germanynfscreationde/Instagram

Visitors regularly share images of the statue online, but photo ops were put to a stop this weekend when the monument disappeared.

According to the Allgaeuer Zeitung newspaper, per BBC News, the statue was chopped down, leaving only a small stump and some wood chips in its place.


Authorities have previously left visitors to have their fun with the statue, but it drew the attention of police following reports of its disappearance. Yesterday, November 30, officers in the Bavarian town of Kempten announced they had opened an investigation in an attempt to find out what happened to it.

Penis-shaped statue in Germanyralflienert/Instagram

However, police are not sure what they will do if a culprit is found as police spokesman Holger Stabik admitted: ‘We don’t know whether it is a criminal offence or not.’

Stabik explained that because the statue has no clear owner, police would have difficulty determining who the victim in the case would be.


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Nikolaus Weissinger, the mayor of nearby Rettenberg, said the disappearance of the sculpture was ‘a shame’. Before it disappeared, the statue had its status recognised by Google Maps, which designated it a ‘cultural monument’.

Visitors and residents have long speculated about the origins of the statue, with one theory reported by German media suggesting it was an unwanted birthday gift carved by a group of young men as a joke for a friend.

Penis-shaped statue in Germanyszmuenchen/Instagram

The theory claims that when the birthday boy turned down the giant, penis-shaped statue the friends pulled it up the mountain using a sledge, where it could stand tall and proud and be appreciated by others.


Visitors appeared to show mixed emotions towards the statue in recent weeks, with one incident resulting in it being knocked down before it was re-erected. A local brewery also expressed its appreciation by dedicating one of its creations to the monument.

The phallic-shaped statue is the latest monument to become a talking point following the mysterious appearance and disappearance of a stainless steel monolith in Utah.

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