Ginger Men Are Getting More Sex Thanks To Ed Sheeran

by : UNILAD on : 03 Sep 2017 16:38

Apparently ginger-haired men are getting a ‘lot more sex’ these days thanks to ‘Ed Sheeran effect’ according to a recent study.

This study says Ed Sheeran has helped fellow ginger-haired men get more action ‘between the sheets’.


A poll of 175 red-headed men found one in five 25-to-34-year-olds have had more ‘attention’ since Sheeran shot to fame.

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A spokeswoman for Casumo, which commissioned the study, said:  

It’s unsurprising that red-heads are attracting more attention now than in previous years.

Donning fiery red locks are popular among both male and female celebs with stars like Emma Stone and Isla Fisher leading the way for red-headed women.

More people are embracing their natural colour.


Quite right.

The study said the ‘Ed effect’ is also boosting the confidence of some red-headed blokes, with some finding more strangers starting conversations with them as a result.


When women were asked their opinions on ginger-haired men, more than a third agreed there are now more positive perceptions around red-headed males since Ed Sheeran arrived on the scene.


One in twenty females now even prefer red-heads over other hair colours, with auburn being the top choice following by strawberry blonde tresses.

The study also asked people to vote for who they thought was the ‘most attractive’ red-headed man, with Prince Harry, Ewan McGregor and Damien Lewis in the top three.


Rupert Grint also made the cut in the top ten, followed by Rob Kazinsky, Paul Bettany and comedy actor and writer, Simon Pegg.


Here’s how people voted:
1. Prince Harry
2. Ewan McGregor
3. Damien Lewis
4. Ed Sheeran
5. Eddie Redmayne
6. Benedict Cumberbatch
7. Rupert Grint
8. Rob Kazinsky
9. Paul Bettany
10. Simon Pegg

And if you missed it, there’s a ‘Red Hot Gingers’ calendar coming soon. You’re welcome.

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