Girl, 13, Tied To Monster Truck And Set On Fire In Stunt Gone Wrong

YouTube/Joff Windsor

We’re not sure what’s more terrifying about this video clip – the stunt itself or the fact this teenage girl’s parents were perfectly cool with the whole thing.

The crazy footage shows the moment the 13-year-old girl is strapped to the front of a monster truck and driven head first through a wall of flames.

The stunt was all planned, although it appears to go a little bit awry when it becomes immediately apparent that the young girl is actually on fire and staff rush to extinguish her.

The suit she was wearing was fire resistant, admittedly, but she still suffered minor burns in the incident, as did the driver.

The dangerous stunt is now being investigated by health and safety officials, according to Stuff NZ.

The wild scene went down at the A & P motor show in New Zealand in front of 2,000 people and, apparently, everyone present thought this was a perfectly cool thing to do, including the girl’s parents. Bonkers, the lot of them!