Girl Accidentally Impales Dead Catfish On Friend’s Leg

by : UNILAD on : 16 Sep 2015 02:05

Did you know that catfish can sting you?


Did you know that they don’t even have to be living in order to do it?

Well this girl learnt the hard way as she and her friends frolicked on a beach.

For some reason that isn’t quite clear, the stinging victim is apparently owed a few slaps across her butt-cheeks with a dead catfish. That age old forfeit.

Having tried to run away it becomes clear that escape is not an option, so she bites the bullet and prepares for impact.


What she did not prepare for was the dead fish to become firmly embedded within her thigh by one of it’s whiskers.


Clearly bewildered by the sight in front of them, concerned friends seem torn between forcibly removing the critter and leaving it in for a trained professional to deal with.

Apparently catfish stings are common, and often caused by people inadvertently stepping on them.

But good news, other than needing some pain killers and maybe some antibiotics, the stings aren’t overly harmful. So don’t feel you and your mates have to give up the arse slapping catfish banter that is essential to trips to the beach just yet.

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    Girls horrified when dead catfish prank backfires and creature pierces their friend's thigh