Girl Accused Of Poisoning Friend For Most Messed Up Reason


An Indonesian woman allegedly laced her friend’s coffee was cyanide after she was given some bad relationship advice which resulted in the break-up of her and her boyfriend. 

It is claimed that Jessica Kumala Wongso poisoned her best friend Wayan Mirna Salihin at a restaurant in Jakarta as the pair sat having a coffee together.

Wayan collapsed as the cyanide began to take hold and proceeded to foam at the mouth before eventually dying, reports the Daily Mail.

The reason behind Wayan’s murder was revealed on the first day of the murder trial.

Indonesia Cyanide MurderPA

Speaking to the court, Prosecutor Ardito Muwardi said that Jessica became infuriated when she received bad relationship advice from Mirna who told Jessica to break up with her boyfriend.

Muwardi said:

The victim Mirna suggested to the defendant to break up with her boyfriend who was often rough and a drug user. She asked why date a bad person who doesn’t have any capital.

Following the advice Jessica was furious with Mirna and decided to stop speaking to her entirely.

But things got far more extreme later on when Jessica actually broke up with her then boyfriend, and feeling heartbroken and upset decided to get revenge on Mirna – as if it was her fault all along – by killing her.


On the day of Mirna’s death, CCTV footage shows Jessica arriving at the restaurant alone and ordering her friend an ice coffee before surrounding the coffee in bags and allegedly placing the cyanide into the drink.

The trial is set to resume on July 12 when the first witnesses against Jessica will be called.