Girl Called Isis Banned From Facebook For Being ‘Terrorist’

Girl Called Isis Banned From Facebook For Being Terrorist UNILAD isis 7685225993Facebook/Twitter

Bad news for anyone named after the Egyptian goddess of the sky, because it appears if your name actually happens to be Isis, Facebook might suspend your account.

Apparently the social media giant are taking no chances following the terrorist attacks in Paris, which means even harmless platform engineers in San Fransisco are having their Facebook pages taken down.

Unsurprisingly, Isis Anchalee was pretty baffled by the whole thing and took to Twitter to express her dismay at the situation, writing: “Facebook thinks I’m a terrorist”.

Isis actually had to provide evidence of her passport to the Facebook moderators to prove she’s in no way affiliated with the terrorist organisation, Islamic State.

The whole thing is about as silly as it gets and, after people started to pile pressure on Facebook, the issue was eventually resolved and her account was reinstated.

Just so Facebook moderators are aware – Isis is actually quite a popular name in America. 396 babies born in 2014 were named after the Egyptian goddess so, maybe, don’t be so reactionary next time, lads.

And, although ISIS Pharmaceuticals may be considering a new company name, that doesn’t mean every person named Isis is going to be rushing out to get a Deed Poll for a name change. Nor should they.

A little common sense next time, please Facebook!