Girl Changes ‘No’ To ‘Hell Yeah’ In Her Mum’s Phone, Results Are Hilarious


One girl decided to get up to a bit of mischief and swap a couple of things around on her mother’s phone.

Said girl, Bex, took to social media to share the results of her joke, and given she changed the best couple of words she possibly could – ‘no’ to ‘HELL YEAH’, you can imagine how funny it was.

Her mother couldn’t seem to understand why she kept agreeing to let Bex have friends over for drinks, and why her phone seemed so disobedient.


You can imagine just how frustrated her mother would have been getting, and let’s be honest, given how hard it is to type out messages anyway without autocorrect chipping in, you can understand it.

That being said, it is a pretty hilarious idea, so kudos to Bex.