Girl Discovers Boyfriend Is Leading A Double Life After Looking Him Up On Google

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 06 Aug 2021 17:22
Girl Discovers Boyfriend Is Leading A Double Life After Looking Him Up On Google@priscilluhhbaby/TikTok

A girl has discovered that her boyfriend is leading a double life just by looking him up on Google. 

Google really holds the answer to any question you may need the answer to, including, it seems, whether your boyfriend is not only cheating on you, but leading a completely double life.


While everyone is partial to a bit of a social media stalk at times, this girl took to the internet and found out the truth in a pretty savage way.

Priscilla has since posted a video of her discovery on her TikTok account (@priscilluhhbaby). The video shows Priscilla miming a reaction to a caption reading, ‘Randomly googling my boyfriends name on a Friday night.’


The video continues by revealing that upon googling his name, Priscilla found ‘his baby registry from January of this year’. She then found out that ‘said baby is six months old’. A pretty brutal way to find out that your boyfriend has been cheating on you…


The video has since amassed more than 664,700 views, 53,800 likes and 235 comments, with users taking to the comments to respond to the shocking discovery. One said, ‘This happened to my friend, sad day man.’

Another commented: 

Got it! Do a google search on the person before getting in a relationship. Also, sorry that happened to you.

A third said, ‘Hope you bought your step kid a gift at least.’



Priscilla updated her followers later, explaining that the mother of the baby even reached out to her over Facebook. Apparently Priscilla’s ex told her that he had no idea who Priscilla was.

Priscilla has since uploaded more videos around the deceit, revealing that they had been on vacation just last week. She said how her ex lost his phone, but that when he dropped her off at the airport he said he would call her, telling her, ‘I love you.’ Out of curiosity she googled him, but found he had no social media, which she hadn’t initially thought of as ‘weird’. She went on to say that at first it was ‘regular stuff’, but that then she came across a baby registry. Priscilla went on to say that his name is not common, so thought ‘what were the odds’ that someone shared it.

She found the baby’s mother’s social media, and the baby ‘looked exactly like him’. She said, ‘It was all there. The whole family picture was there’. The photoshoot with the baby even took place in May, the same month as their vacation.


Soon the story of his double life unravelled. With the help of her cousin, Priscilla sent the photographs she had found of the baby and its mother to her ex, but he proceeded to block her. The mother blocked Priscilla and her cousin too, so she felt ‘1000% sure’ that he knows she knows.


In her latest video, Priscilla has revealed that she and the baby’s mother had met up and found out how they both started seeing the man at the same time.

Priscilla explained how the other woman got pregnant and he kept seeing both of them, but was giving the other woman ‘everything’ she had wanted. She also spoke of how she was given the ’emotional’ side of him, but the other woman was given the ‘commitment’.


She said, ‘I thought I would be with this person forever. He was the one.’ She concluded, ‘He lied so much, it literally made me sick. I was literally throwing up after the conversations.’

Priscilla still hasn’t spoken to the cheating double-life-leader since the incident and from the sounds of it, good riddance. The moral of the tale? Hire a private investigator to look into any man who tries to enter your life.

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