Girl Faces Jail After Sending Mum This Messed Up Hoax Kidnap Video

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This is the disturbing video a daughter sent her horrified mum, claiming she had been kidnapped and was tied up in a nearby hotel room. 


Jessica Johnson, 22, managed to film herself despite being on a bed, bound and gagged, in South Carolina in the U.S.

Her mother, Christie Johnson, immediately called the local police department who then managed to track her down. They found her slumped on the bed and unresponsive, The Mirror reports.


Speaking to CBS News, Lieutenant Timmie Williams of Simpsonville PD said initially they were treating the case as kidnapping, but they quickly became suspicious.


“During the investigation there was different clues that actually sparked the investigators’ curiosity,” he said.

After Jessica was interrogated by officers, she admitted that the alleged kidnapping was all just an elaborate hoax.

Jessica-JohnsonJessica-JohnsonSimpsonville Police

Jessica, from Simpsonville, said that during the time she sent the video that she was going through some ‘personal issues’.

She’s now being held in custody after being charged with making a false police report.

After finding out the shocking truth about the video, her mother Christie posted the video on Facebook:

I know a lot of people are about to judge on this video alone, but keep in mind this is how my Tuesday morning began. I…

Posted by Christie Pruitt Johnston on Thursday, 28 July 2016

She described her daughter as ‘evil’ and a ‘sick person’ for sending her the video and saying that Jessica isn’t the person she raised.

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