Girl Gets Ian Beale Tattoo Fixed With Hilarious Results

Channel 4

Back in early 2016, the Internet went crazy over a student who lost a drunken bet and got a tattoo of homeless Ian Beale on her thigh as a result.

Amber-May Ellis – a self-proclaimed Ian Beale superfan – said at the time she didn’t regret the EastEnders tribute, but a year later she’s ended up on Tattoo Fixers.

Pleading to the show’s tattooists, Amber-May said: “I’ve been labelled one of Britain’s biggest tossers because of my tattoo – and I need your help.”

Here’s what she presented them with:

Channel 4

Telling receptionist Paisley how it came about, the 22-year-old revealed:

It was last Halloween, and we decided to have a party.

Someone from two years below me at uni came and my friend was like, ‘Don’t sleep with him,’ and I wasn’t even that interested until someone said, ‘Don’t do it.’

They said, ‘If you do it you have to get this tattoo,’ and I was like, ‘Right, OK.’

Channel 4/BBC

And get it she did. Unfortunately though, it was never finished.

Not wanting to lose her Beale stamp, Amber-May didn’t ask Tattoo Fixers to fix her tat. Rather, she asked them to ‘improve it’.

The result?

Channel 4

Yup, that’s the same Ian Beale disaster just in way better quality.

Along with new and improved colour, Amber-May’s new tat came complete with a quote any EastEnders fan would be proud of: “Keep it real like Ian Beale.”

Upon seeing it, Amber said:

Oh my God, I love it, you can actually tell it’s him now! I don’t even know what to say as I didn’t think it would be this good.

Well, at least she’s happy.