Girl Gets Kidnapped On Tinder Date As Part Of Social Experiment


One social experiment to teach girls about the dangers of meeting someone from Tinder has caused a bit of a stir.

After talking to a guy on the app and agreeing to meet for coffee, one girl is taken and bundled into the back of a van, and thinks she has been kidnapped – not realising it is one of her parent’s friends who had agreed to teach her a lesson.

The girl struggles and is held down, and looks fairly frightened (as you would), until she is told it’s a prank.


It was uploaded to the YouTube channel Patty Mayo Pranks, and of course went viral, with reactions varied to say the least.

While some people thought it was pretty funny, not to mention a good idea, there were others who claimed it was a horrible social experiment, and one that basically tells young girls not to go out alone.