Girl Gets P*ssed In Ayia Napa, Gets F*cking Ridiculous Hip Tattoo

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 15.47.18Leah Jade Price/Facebook

We all probably love an Indian takeaway every now and again, but it’s fair to say that this girl’s love for a curry trumps all of ours and she even has the tattoo to prove it. 

Leah Jade Price probably didn’t intend to go out and get the name of her local curry house tattooed on her body this summer, but that’s exactly what happened after going out on a bit of a mad one in Ayia Napa, Cyprus.

The 19-year-old, from Leigh in Wigan, along with her boyfriend, James, practically live on the stuff as they eat at Leigh Tandoori about five times a week.

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Speaking to the Metro, Leah said: “It’s a running joke with everyone who knows us, apparently we keep them in the business.”

No kidding.

Going days without that delicious curry must have been getting to them, as they started to reminisce about it on the phone and shit escalated from there.

13631435_10207223283646405_8707193636706238199_nLeah Jade Price/Facebook

James dared her to get the restaurant’s name tattooed on her to prove once and for all her sheer dedication to their favourite takeaway.

It was all just meant to be, after Leah passed a tattoo parlour on the way back to her hotel after one six too many.

She was apparently so pissed, that she had to ask everyone there how to spell Tandoori. So yeah, pretty smashed.

13709909_10207223477771258_298916550929128889_nLeah Jade Price/Facebook

Next morning though, like all of us, we can guess that what seemed like a great idea at the time was swiftly followed by a bastard of a hangover and an instant regret for all of her recent life choices.

She said: 

I woke up the next morning to a load of Facebook comments and likes and thought oh shit. I’m currently thinking how I can cover it. But maybe I’ll get free food you never know! My boyfriend finds it absolutely hilarious and my dad just doesn’t know what to say to me.

13707730_10207227724637427_1416166350242853450_nLeah Jade Price/Facebook

In the cold light of day though, it seems Leah isn’t super bothered about it and might even keep it, although if things go sour with her S.O, she luckily has a trusted tattoo artist back home who can cover it.

The worst thing about all of this though? Leah’s boyfriend promised he’d get an equally embarrassing ‘chicken vindaloo’ tattoo… but he totally didn’t.

13524411_10207117998134333_2852657728619279252_n (1)Leah Jade Price/Facebook

Who says romance is dead, hey?