Girl Gets Run Over By Truck Right After Punching Passenger In The Face

by : UNILAD on : 04 Mar 2017 16:37

Disturbing footage of a girl throwing a punch at someone in a truck and then getting run over by it has emerged on YouTube. 


The clip opens with four girls arguing together about something one of the girl’s said behind the other’s back – and quickly develops, as the others throw water at her and her phone to the ground.

The couple then head over to the truck, while the girls crowd round around them trying to continue their heated discussion.

The girl in the playsuit gets into the truck, while the girls round on her boyfriend and things seem to take an aggressive turn.


One girl can be heard to say: “Hit the bitch,” while another runs up to the cabin and takes a swing at the girl in the front seat.

The girl can be heard saying:

Get another one in, get another one in.

The last girl runs up to the cabin and aims a punch through the window, before falling over and promptly getting run down by the driver of the truck.

The girls stand in shock as they realise what’s just happened and start screaming at the driver.

Here’s the full unnerving footage:



They yell:

You just ran over Paige! Stop!

The truck speeds away and one of the other attackers can be seen swearing at it as they head off into the distance.

Pretty shocking footage… She probably shouldn’t have been aiming those swings at that girl, but I hope she’s ok…

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