Girl Gets Ultimate Revenge On Fat-Shaming Ex-Boyfriend In Disgusting Style


In the ultimate act of twisted revenge, one girl has gone to extreme lengths to get her own back on her ex-boyfriend.

According to the Daily Mail, the Chinese woman from Zhengzhou, Henan province, posted a picture of a bar of soap made from her own fat – that she planned on sending to her ex-boyfriend.

That’s because he apparently dumped her because he thought she was overweight.


The People’s Daily Online reports that the woman, with the screen name of ‘Xiao Xiao loves beauty and eating’, claims she had surgery to lose weight after a nasty breakup.

She said she will send the revenge gift to her ex-boyfriend and his family to use in the shower.


The woman posted the message on Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter:

Yang Xiaolei, do you still remember last Spring Festival?

Since [I] can’t accompany you to go home this year, I used my own fat to make a soap and give it to your mother for bathing.

Spring Festival is the time to give a gift to those low-class men who judge women by appearance.


Her post has received mixed views from Weibo users with one saying: “I believe you will find a better person so tell that man to go to hell.”

While another slammed Xiao Xiao saying: “Your ex-boyfriend was right, beauty and ugliness comes not just from being fat and thin but from the heart.”

Maybe her ex ended it because she is crazy enough to have a bar of soap made out of her own fat?

Just a thought.