Girl Killed In Times Square Posted Poignant Video Minutes Before Attack

Facebook/Alyssa Elsman

The 18-year-old girl who was visiting New York with her family when she was tragically killed in a car rampage posted a video from the Times Square plaza just minutes before she was hit.

Alyssa Elsman, from Michigan, was killed by Richard Rojas who reportedly drove his burgundy Honda along the pavement and sped along for more than three blocks, injuring 22 people, and killing Alyssa.

Rojas, who has a history of drink driving, drove the wrong way down a street in the centre of New York before mounting the pavement and ploughing through pedestrians.

Alyssa had posted a ‘Boomerang’ video on her Snapchat story on Thursday about 45 minutes before the rampage took place.

The video posted by Alyssa shows repeating footage of a busy Times Square.

Hundreds of thousands of tourists pass through the Times Square every day and it is a tragedy that an innocent pedestrian was killed.

Our thoughts are with her family at this difficult time.