Girl Left Phone In Toilets, Guys Who Found It Left Hilarious Video Message


When a girl accidentally left her mobile phone at a bar in Australia, she really wasn’t expecting to find this video message when she picked it up the next day.

Although she was thrilled to find that a group of friendly drinkers had handed the phone in to staff, she was pretty surprised they’d decided to have a bit of fun first and left her a cheeky video message before they left the bar.

The funny footage shows a man, who introduces himself as Jason Zaddow, explain how he happened upon the phone in the toilet at the drinking hole in St Johns, Launceston.

His message is simple:

Hey mate, we found your phone in the shitter! We stole your phone, so what’s up?

He even pans the camera around to introduce the phoneless party to his mates, Bri, Dan and Hannah, who all seem suitably merry.

He then confirms they’re handing the phone in at the bar, before declaring “nice to meet you” and hoping the phone makes its way back to its rightful owner.

Fortunately, the mobile did make it back into the girl’s hands and the hilarious clip was uploaded to YouTube by the phone owner’s boyfriend with the note: “Faith in humanity restored.”

Great work from these guys and gals!