Girl Mowed Down By Boyfriend After He Used App To Track Her Every Move

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A young woman who mistook her boyfriend’s jealousy for ‘caring’ found out the hard way he was a total psycho.

After six months of dating, Steven Connors, 28, lured Louise Conyers to his house in Leeds, where he ran her over in his car – leaving her badly bruised, with a broken leg, the Daily Mail reported.

He’s now been sentenced to six years in prison, with court doctors describing him as ‘displaying psychopathic traits’.

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The two met at a house parry, and after two months of dating Connors had persuaded the 22-year-old beauty student to download a ‘Find my phone’ app to their phones so he could keep track of her.

Louise told the Daily Mail:

I thought at first he was just being sweet and was quite flattered by how attentive he was. It made a change from other blokes I’d been out with who were the other extreme and didn’t really show me that much love.

And because I’d been so let down in the past by the more rugged bad boy types, I was attracted to Steven, who seemed like a genuinely nice lad.

She continued: “Steven seemed so sweet. He was geeky, thin and wore glasses. He was so gentle and generous too. Within two months he bought me roses and a silver necklace.”

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But Louise soon noticed him changing, what she first thought was sweetness quickly evolved into possessive behaviour – he wanted to know where she was at all times, calling and texting her repeatedly.

Conners started asking her about the men she was talking to on Facebook, so she gave him her password, to put his mind at ease.

Louise said: “I’ve always been very open, have no secrets and nothing to hide, so I was more than happy for Steven to flick through my Facebook.”

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But he soon started turning up on her girl’s nights out with her friends. He then stepped up his accusations, demanding to know who she was talking to on Facebook and what about, where she was going with her friends and when she’d be back.

Then one night when she went to confront him at his home, after he’d been harassing her at a friends, Connors told her he wasn’t in. When Louise went to leave he ran her over in his car.

Connors was arrested, he pleaded guilty to GBH at Leeds Crown Court and was sentenced to six years in jail.

Louise said:

He has to understand you can’t do that. You can’t try and control someone and then hurt them when you don’t get your own way.

I hope he gets the help he obviously needs and never comes near me again, or hurts another woman. He has to learn to control that jealous side he has.