Girl Survived Manchester Attack After Misreading Text From Her Mum

by : UNILAD on : 27 May 2017 23:59

A young girl survived the Manchester Arena bombing after misreading a text from her mum.


15-year-old Charlotte Fawell took a wrong turn after misreading a text from her mum Wendy to meet outside the Manchester Arena after the Ariana Grande concert.

Wendy died in the blast but Charlotte, who was reportedly only 50 yards away from the explosion, survived.

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Speaking to The Sun on Sunday Charlotte said:


I read the text wrong. If I’d have gone to the right door, I might not be here now. But I took a door on the left instead. I was walking out, a massive bang went off and the entire arena shook. I knew people were dead.

I was ringing and ringing my mum, hoping she’d been knocked unconscious and she might wake up and answer — but she never did.

Charlotte didn’t find out her mum was dead until Wednesday when a detective came and told her there was a 99 per cent chance that her mother had died in the attack.


Wendy told Charlotte the details of her funeral just days before the attack.

Charlotte said:

She will get her wish to be cremated and wanted half of her ashes spread at sea in Lyme Regis. She wanted the other half to stay with me. I’ll let out all my emotions at the funeral. I’ve decided to write my own eulogy and read it out. I know she’ll be proud of me.

Wendy’s best friend Caroline has now taken in Charlotte and promised to treat her like one of her own.

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