Girl Takes Agonising Revenge After Catching Her Boyfriend Cheating

taser revengeYouTube

This cheating guy just got a nasty dose of extreme revenge, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Rosamund Pike freaked us all out in Gone Girl.

If there’s ever been a reason not to cheat – you know, besides it being utterly immoral – this is it.

A young man was caught doing the dirty on his resourceful girlfriend, who decided to get revenge by inflicting the most pain physically possible to his offending appendage – and she got her mate to film the whole thing.

The video shows the adulterer being caught red-handed during a pretty heavy cuddling session. Upon this discovery, the jilted girlfriend tasers him in the balls.

Ironically, the boyfriend had bought the offending taser as a gift for his girlfriend – because nothing says everlasting romance like a baby pink weapon.

Eye for an eye, and all that.

Fatal Attraction

Fortunately, due to anatomical gender divergence, I will never the know the pain of being stun gunned in the dick.

But I’m guessing this guy won’t be cheating – or doing much at all with his wandering penis – for a little while.