Girl Who Took Wrong Turn Onto Motorway On Her Scooter Explains What Happened

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Girl Who Took Wrong Turn Onto Motorway On Her Scooter Explains What HappenedFOX 5 Atlanta

In July 2019, a woman made headline news in Atlanta, Georgia, after she accidentally took a wrong turn while riding her e-scooter and ended up on a busy highway.

Now, almost two years later, the woman in question has come forward on TikTok to explain how she managed to get there.


Lillie, from Philadelphia, shared the hilarious video of local news reporters roasting her for mistake, confirming ‘that’s me.’

In the video, Lillie tells a reporter that she ended up on the highway after following the instructions of her GPS, saying in a Fox 5 interview filmed at the side of the road, ‘I have no idea what I’m doing, I’m not from here and my Google Maps told me to turn so I turned and I’m trying to get off the highway.’


At first, Lillie offered her followers a pretty simple explanation for her mistake, telling them, ‘In case you didn’t know, I’m a dumbass.’ But the video quickly went viral on TikTok, gaining more than five million views, and soon people were in Lillie’s comments asking for more details.

In response to one user who asked, ‘WHY did they have to put you on blast on the NEWS???,’ she shared yet more footage from the local news station, in which the reporter can barely contain her laughter as she tells viewers Lillie’s excuse.


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In a third post, Lillie answers a few FAQs about her wild journey, revealing that in order to stay on the hard shoulder she had to merge not once, but twice through the Atlanta traffic. She also said that she did have an opportunity to climb off the highway over a barrier, but she saw a cop arresting someone nearby and decided to scoot past to avoid getting into trouble.

Lillie also gives her followers a few behind the scenes details about her interview with the local news station, who came across her on the highway by chance as one of the station’s photographers happened to drive past while she was looking for an exit. She revealed that rather than pick her up and drive her somewhere safer to do the interview, the reporter pulled their car over into a left hand turn lane and started asking her questions right there on the highway, before driving off and leaving her to find her own way back.

Lillie’s posts have had more than six million views, so if nothing else, hopefully her experience will teach people that blindly following Google Maps won’t always get you where you want to go.

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