Girl With Down’s Syndrome Edited Out Of School Photos After Parents Complain


A school have removed photos from its yearbook of a girl with Down’s Syndrome, after other parents complained she was ruining it, it has been claimed.

Masha may only be seven-years-old, but this hasn’t stopped disgraceful parents of other children at the school from saying it’s ‘humiliating’ for their children to be seen with her. Five students have been moved from their class so they don’t have to be in the same room as the girl.


Masha’s mother, Olga Sinayeva took to Facebook to claim that many parents ‘cant stand’ having Masha standing next to their chilren, and that is why children were asked to return the yearbook by their mums and dads.

Although Masha is not a pupil, her mother brought her into the classroom while she teaches as she didn’t have anyone to leave her with.

Sinayeva told the Moscow Times:

“Masha is sitting quietly … doesn’t get in anybody’s way and practically lives in this class, tries to interact, hugs everyone, she is kind and defenseless, but children shrink away from her.”

What on earth is wrong with people?