Girlfriend Defends Her Fella After He Gets Bullied For ‘Punching Above His Weight’

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The comments section on the internet can be a brutal and hostile place, I know… I’ve seen you all, down there at the bottom… I know… But when this girl’s picture with her boyfriend ended up getting slated online, she hit back in brilliant style.


Ashley Stevens and her boyfriend Christopher Reed took a photo at a wedding, after she caught the bouquet and Christopher pulled a joke face pretending to be gutted. But the photo found it’s way onto Reddit, and was met with harsh criticisms.


Most of the comments were telling Christopher to marry Ashley as soon as possible, because he is ‘punching above his weight’.

That fatty would be lucky to marry that hot bitch.


Ashley saw the comments, and decided to speak out about it.

She wrote on Facebook:

Well let me just tell you, I won the jackpot with Christopher.

He may not have rock hard abs like the world tells girls to want in a guy, but really, why does that even matter when you are trying to really find someone to spend the rest of your life with?

He is so thoughtful and patient, he always shows me how he loves me in little ways, he is my best friend. I love him for who he is and he loves me for who I am. Understanding, loving, and hilarious, which is so rare to find these days!!


Christopher said:

People were saying she was too good-looking for me and that it looks like I have Down syndrome.

Some comments said there was no way I could be her boyfriend and they made fun of my weight. When we looked at what people were saying, we laughed.

We both have the mind-set that that we understand who we are as individuals and what we have for each other.


To be fair, he should marry the girl! Not because he is punching above his weight, but she is both gorgeous and a genuinely lovely person and seems like a top girl! The pair seem very happy together, good luck to them both.

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