Girl’s Family Disown Her In Savage Letter For Having Black Boyfriend


A girl from Texas has been disowned by her family in an absolutely disgusting letter she shared on Twitter.

Stephanie Hick’s crime – having a black boyfriend.

That’s right, in 2016 there are still people in the world who would apparently sever ties with their own family over something so trivial as skin colour.

What’s more, Stephanie’s father tries to claim that he is a Christian. Of course you are sir.


It reads:


This isn’t easy, but you haven’t made it easy.

Over the last several years, you’ve turned on everything that we tried to instill from childhood. You’re nowhere near the daughter I thought you would be at this point, and I’m deeply broken-hearted.

You treat both of us with contempt. You’ve been using us for money, while disrespecting us in every way. You dress like a street walker, and you sulk when we take you to church. You have no respect for morals, and have abandoned any sense of righteousness.

Yes, we had this discussion – sort of – a while back. At that time, I hoped I would eventually take the high road and come to accept an interracial relationship. The truth is that I’m human, and I make choices of my own. While it may not be anti-biblical, I know I will never accept it, and I’ll never forgive you. My belief is that interracial relationships are despicable. Vulgar and reprehensible. There’s nothing worse than a half-black, and I’m crushed that my own daughter has entered into such a disgusting relationship.

Mistakes can be forgiven, but you have willingly and consciously chosen a lifestyle of sickening choices, and I won’t tolerate it. You have one final opportunity. Either end your relationship with ‘Nike’, or face the consequences. There are 3 suitcases emptied and waiting. If you choose this black kid over your parents, then fill them up and leave my house. Take my information out of your phone, and DO NOT attempt to contact me again, the rest of your life. Change your name as soon as possible, because I won’t have any association with you. Ever.



Stephanie’s twitter account seems to have been deactivated following all the attention around the story, while her boyfriend @itsnikeee_fr appears to have protected his account.

Hardly surprising when they both reportedly began receiving further condemnation online from users who would be better suited to life in the dark ages, as opposed to the 21st century.

The pair aren’t giving into the hate though…

Well good luck to both Stephanie and Nike, as upsetting as it must be to get forced out of your own family they are probably better off without her father anyway.