Guy Loses Phone, Is Returned With Twerking Video On It


For most people losing your phone is a surefire way to ruin your day – but not with these guys around.

What you really want is for these two ladies from Houston (H-Town), Texas to  discover your lost mobile and return it to you. What would make the whole thing even better? How about if, before they gave it back, they made you a little twerking video? Okay, maybe you wouldn’t like that. But this guy did.

According to Some Videos, Brett Sarubbi left his phone in an Uber taxi in Miami and when it was returned, he found this unexpected video waiting for him.

People on Reddit have gone a step further and given, ‘Hey, I found your phone in an Uber’, the remix treatment, and when you throw in a sprinkling of Drake’s Know Yourself it’s bound to start hitting clubs pretty soon.

“H-Town, Texas. Houston, Texas baby. You better let your friends know, your mom know, your dad know, your grandma know.”

They will know. Everyone will know.