Girl’s Finger Ripped Off While Trying To Climb Fence At Illegal Rave



A teenage girl lost her finger after attempting to scale a fence to get into an illegal rave.

The warehouse party in London was held in an empty storage centre on Saturday night. The ‘Big Vibes’ rave had been organised through Facebook and Twitter, with guests requesting location info online.

Police were called at about 9PM to shut it down. But instead of chucking people out they let the party carry on, denying any latecomers access, which is when people started scaling fences to try and get in.

The girl was attempting to get over at about 12.30AM when she slipped from one of the fences, slicing her finger off on one of the sharp three-edged metal prongs on the top.

Obviously everyone started Snapchatting it.

One of the ravers present when the girl lost her finger, Carmen, told the London Evening Standard:

Once I got over the fence I heard this really loud scream. It was such a shock. I turned around and she screamed she had lost her finger.

Everybody was freaking out. We were looking for it for ten minutes. She was screaming and inconsolable. Everyone was looking at the floor but a boy was trying to climb over the fence and said ‘Oh my god, it’s here’. About five people were filming it.

I didn’t want to look but something made me. I had to walk off I felt so sick.

The ambulance then took 20 minutes to arrive.

What a gruesome way to end a party!