Girl’s Head Shaved As Punishment For Cheating By Gangster Boyfriend


A Brazilian man, rumoured to be a gangster, posted this video to social media just a few days ago which shows him shaving his girlfriend’s hair off as punishment for cheating on him.

In the video, the girl squats in a dimly lit room surrounded by jeering men as one man in particular goes to work on her with a shaver until she is completely bald, reports the Mirror.

Seemingly not wanting to stop the humiliation he then shaves off the poor girl’s eyebrows too.

One man who cannot be clearly seen then hands the girl a mobile phone where she speaks to somebody – presumably the person she cheated with.

As she is on the phone another gang member picks up numerous locks of her hair and places them on her scalp as one final act of humiliation.

Experts across Brazil have claimed this sort of punishment is normal behaviour for drug cartels in an attempt to shame anybody that goes against their set of rules.