Girls Punished Because Their Trousers Are ‘Distracting Teachers’

by : UNILAD on : 10 Nov 2017 15:59

A vexed mum has claimed girls at a secondary school are being told to stop wearing ‘tight’ black trousers because they are ‘distracting teachers’.


37-year-old Amy Moule said her 15-year-old daughter Beth is repeatedly being handed detentions because of a ‘ridiculous’ uniform clampdown over how tight girls’ trousers should be.

More than 200 parents have backed her petition for staff to “stop harassing” its female pupils by dishing out the punishment for not wearing ‘baggy’ school trousers.

She claimed nine in ten parents are ignoring the ‘ridiculous’ uniform clampdown at St Peter’s School, Huntingdon, Cambs.


Amy said:

The kids are being told they are distracting teachers and students.

It’s paedophilic – that was one of the feelings I had about it.

It’s atrocious, it’s not the right calibre of teacher at the school – they shouldn’t be working as teachers.

Maybe the teachers that are feeling that they are distracting are the ones that are pushing the detentions.

The row broke out after girls’ tight trousers which for years were acceptable as school uniform were banned under a policy change.


The stay-at-home mum refused to buy the new trousers after teachers started clamping down by dishing out one-hour detentions after the half-term.

She claimed that only about one in ten girls at the school were wearing ‘baggy’ trousers recommended by the school following the change brought in this school term.

Moule added:

The majority of them are wearing the same trousers – there’s very few that aren’t.

I would say only 10% are wearing the school trousers. The rest are wearing tight trousers which the school aren’t happy with.

It’s just a wasteful ethos. My daughter has been in a few detentions and I’ve said she cannot do them because I’m not changing the trousers as I don’t have enough money to do that.


Ms Moule claimed her daughter was being ‘victimised’ by teachers handing out one-hour detentions and that the resulting stress had affected her GCSE mock exam grades.

She branded Head Christopher Bennet as ‘old-fashioned’ and claimed he did not know the difference betweeen girls’ leggings and formal trousers, saying: “I don’t think he does.”

Amy said her daughters had used £15.99 New Look black trousers as school uniform at the school for ten years.

Bennet said the school ‘expect professional attire’ and claims only 25 out of the 1,002 pupils at his school were affected by the uniform change.


He said a minority of parents had taken issue with the policy and a letter with an image of what were ‘acceptable’ and ‘not acceptable’ girls’ trousers had been sent to parents over the summer holidays.

Dad Melvin Bream, 40, of Huntingdon, whose 12-year-old and 15-year-old daughters have been affected by the policy change, said:

It’s a load of rubbish. I feel that the uniform is too ‘correct’.

I’ve had the kids not want to come to school because of it.

I don’t think they’re overtight, no, I think they should be allowed ‘tight’ trousers.

The school has clamped down on it and the girls are getting detentions for it for no reason.


The school’s news uniform policy states:


Black, full length tailored trousers only. No leggings, skinny trousers or culottes. No denim of any type. No studs or embroidery on pockets. Girls will not be allowed to wear tight fashion trousers.

The school website states trousers can be bought from the school and also recommends buying £14 REV One Clip Trousers from an online shop.

The school refused to comment on the claims over ‘paedophilic’ teachers being ‘distracted’ by the female pupils wearing ‘tight trousers’.

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