Girl’s Texts To Mate About Having A Horrific Sh*t Are Hilarious

by : UNILAD on : 22 Dec 2016 09:36

Sometimes, you just gotta go. 


Whether you opted for vindaloo the night before, or you just didn’t cook that sausage for long enough this morning, we’ve all been in a situation where our bodies just turn against us.

Most of the time we keep these experiences locked in an extremely private mind palace, but Nicole McCourt thought she would share her horrific shitting experience with her best friend, and now the world.

She thought that buying a healthy drink from Holland and Barrett would be doing herself a favour, but the detox drink started a stinky ordeal.


The detail of each moment really makes you feel like you lived the shit storm with her.

So after she’s released the entirety of her insides from her arse, things get a lot worse for Nicole.

She’s in a fucking baby-changing toilet, and on top of the internal shame of what she’s done, she now has to deal with external judgement.


…but she still can’t stop.

At this point, the best friend is reaching for the popcorn.

…Nicole’s shit left a little girl crying.

I don’t think she could have found a better photo to sum up the situation.

So she was left crying with a mother and her child in a stinky room full of her shit, with her arse burning like the sun.

At least your body is super detoxed now though Nicole.

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    Girl's Story About Having A Horrific Shit In A Public Loo Is Hilarious