Give Kendall Jenner A Badge, She Just Won Instagram



Kendall Jenner broke the record for the most liked Instagram photo in history this week and the only reason I care is because it beat Kim and Kanye West’s wedding photo.

The television personality(?) and fashion model(?) managed to rack up over 2.7 million likes on the photo in question, while her older sister’s wedding snap only managed a pathetic 2.4 million.


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And if you want to know exactly how she beat her sister and brother-in-law, there is actually a SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATION for it. Not kidding.

Apparently, photos that prominently feature people’s faces get way more attention than those that don’t, so vain ladies and gentleman of Instagram, stop showing us your tits and biceps, because we like your face more.

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Believe it or not, said scientific explanation continues into many more laid out points, but I won’t go into them, because I’m already pretty depressed after writing this.

Sorry not sorry.