Glass Shotgun Shells Are The Stuff Of Absolute Nightmares


Guns can be pretty damn deadly in the right (or wrong) hands at the best of times, but this is just fucking ridiculous.

YouTube channel TAOFLEDERMAUS encourages its viewers to send in handmade ammunition to practice shooting with.

In their latest video, one viewer called Sam decided to create glass shotgun slugs and send them in. Essentially they wanted to see whether they would survive the intense shock of being shot out of a gun and hit what they’re aiming at.

The presenter described them as ‘ornate fancy smancy slugs’, but inside they hide a nail to add to its destructive capabilities.


After loading up their 12 gage shotgun with the bullets, which look like a work of art, they tried a spot of target practice and it was simply terrifying.

The first clay block didn’t stand a chance, as the slug shattered and completely annihilated it.


Next up was ‘Doug’ the dummy, complete with a Level 3 Kevlar Bullet Proof Vest and he didn’t fare much better.

The pulverised glass and dust went right through the vest and straight into ‘Doug’.


Heck, the bullet could even cut right through a lawnmower engine.

Throughout the shooting practice it becomes more abundantly clear that applied in real-life situations this ammunition would be deadly AF.

As the video rightly says, these shotgun shells really are anyone’s worst nightmare.