Police Are Investigating This Extremely Bizarre One-Man Crime Spree


Police in Newcastle are on the hunt for the guy behind a bizarre 40-minute one-man crime spree.

According to the Newcastle Chronicle the man, who has been described by police as white, aged 30-50 and dressed in dark coloured clothing, wreaked (minor) havoc in the Gosforth area of Newcastle on Tuesday evening.

The first unusual incident occurred at 5.35pm when a man was approached from behind by a stranger who stole his glasses from his face and ran off with them. At 5.50pm a woman was approached by a man who asked for her umbrella before grabbing it and breaking it. He then twisted her fingers before running off.

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Another woman reported that she became aware of a man behind her and as she started to run the man tried to grab her bag causing her to fall over. She screamed and the man ran away leaving her distressed but unhurt.

A short time later a 23-year-old woman was approached by a man who stole her headphones off her head. Then between 5.55pm and 6pm a woman who was waiting for a bus was approached by a man who pushed her, grabbed her bag and threw it into the road before running away.

Finally between 6pm and 6.10pm a 31-year-old man was approached by a stranger who demanded money from him, but when he refused the stranger simply walked off.

Newcastle Chronicle

Neighbourhood Inspector Julie Rana told the Newcastle Chronicle

This is a highly unusual series of incidents. Fortunately no one has been seriously injured but clearly this was distressing for those involved and we want to find the person responsible as quickly as possible.

Newcastle police have appealed for witnesses and have stationed extra neighbourhood officers on patrol in the area to reassure local people and to carry-out enquiries. How bizarre.